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Project New Life’s mission is to serve society by providing temporary and permanent housing for many of our city’s homeless, while strengthening and beautifying our community.

We are dedicated to the rehabilitation of currently underutilized, vacant and abandoned properties in Los Angeles County.

These properties are blighted and unsafe, effecting our society and environment with a demoralizing impact on our communities.

Our plan brings new hope and critically needed housing to thousands of our local populations.

About Rodney Brown, CEO of New Life Global Development

Hi! I’m Rodney Brown, and I have many years of experience in the area of property development for housing and businesses. Below are some professional positions I have held in the past.


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Our primary target: Los Angeles County.

Congresswoman Hilda Solis, Brian Hurd and Rodney Brown. Los Angeles Solar Project

Project New Life works in partnership with property owners, non-profit organizations, the City of Los Angeles and Los Angeles County agencies throughout local regions.

Through these alliances, we can provide temporary and permanent supportive housing opportunities to homeless families, individuals and our US military veterans.

How we do it ?

REHABILITATING SUBSTANDARD HOUSING like 810 Beacon Ave, LA now called {Beacon Of Hope)74 bed temporary housing faciclity.

Project New Life is a real estate developmental initiative designed to rehabilitate commercial, single and multi-unit family properties.

We target properties in the Los Angeles County, which are either in distressed condition, vacant and abandoned or underutilized.

We work directly with homeless service agencies that mass lease or purchase our properties after we have purchased, developed and or rehabilitated them.

We give site control to well-structured non-profit organizations with contracts and funding to house homeless low-income families, individuals and US veterans.

In addition, the non-profit organizations integrate supportive services that provide job training & entrepreneurship opportunities, access to health care, healthy food programs.


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We have doctors who visit our properties and provide care for our tenants who need emergency care


Housing for Veterans


We take pride what veterans do or done for our country and our goal is to place every veteran in housing and provide great care


Homeless Program


With 134,000 homeless in California, our mission is to take talented people from the street and place them into housing and provide quality care


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